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Safety Incident Review

on Wednesday, 12 July 2017.

Safety Incident Review

Ron Finemore Transport takes safety obligations seriously.

The company has been fully cooperating with the RMS and Police following a single vehicle incident involving one of our Liquids Drivers travelling on the F3 between Wyong and Sydney on June 28. The incident came about after a number of passenger vehicles in front of him braked suddenly.  Images, captured by the Driver Safety System (DSS), and witness reports from people in front of our truck make it is clear that our drivers response and actions helped avoid a major incident. The driver was uninjured. We have received emails from witnesses who say the driver's actions saved his life and that of many others

There was a very minor spill of ethanol at the site, damage to the undercarriage of the prime mover and some minor damage to the tanks. The Police have confirmed that the driver has been cleared of any wrong doing following their investigations.

We have also been carrying out extensive internal investigations into the incident. Based on information collected from telematics and DSS we know that the driver had just taken an 8 hour break, was not speeding or driving dangerously and was not distracted prior to the incident.

Initial investigations indicate that both the prime mover and trailer brakes were fully operational. This was certainly the case on the first part of the trip before the driver stopped for his 8 hour rest at Wyong. Investigations have shown that an air line between the prime mover and the tanker trailers had become disconnected. This resulted in the driver having to take evasive action to avoid a collision since the prime mover brakes operating in isolation from the tanker trailer brakes could not stop a fully loaded tanker in an emergency situation.                                                   

As a result of this incident the RMS and NSW Police are currently carrying out additional and extra checks on our fleet at Orange and inspection stations at Mt Boyce and Marulan. We have every confidence in our drivers and fleet. We have asked our drivers to cooperate fully with the authorities and to keep Operations informed so that we can keep customers informed.


Mark Parry

Managing Director

Ron Finemore Transport

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