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Safety Inspection Update

on Wednesday, 12 July 2017.

Safety Inspections - Update

As communicated this morning the RMS and Police carried out inspections of the RFT fleet at our Orange Depot and on fleet passing through Mt Boyce and Marulan inspection stations. This was a follow-up to the single vehicle incident involving one of our Liquids Drivers travelling on the M1 between Wyong and Sydney on June 28.

The follow-up inspections today serve as a reminder that safety is and must always remain our first priority. As a company, and a supply chain partner to our customers, we all have a role to play in ensuring that our equipment, drivers and the cargo that we transport, have to be safe, legal and compliant at all times. An on time delivery is only successful if it is achieved safely. The Police and RMS form part of a network of stakeholders who have an individual and collective responsibility for keeping our roads safe.

A total of 51 units were inspected at all 3 locations today. RFT received positive feedback, the inspections did identify a smallnumber of minor defects and issues. We have already commenced rectifying these and working with our drivers and supply chain partners to put in place corrective and preventative measures to deal with the matters raised.

I would like to thank everyone involved today for their efforts, co-operation and open communication.

Mark Parry

Managing Director

Ron Finemore Transport

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