Our Company


Our Vision

We strive to be
industry leaders.

We are committed to managing energy consumption, reducing emissions and minimising our environmental footprint.

OurĀ Framework

We operate under the following framework
to govern environmental excellence:

  • Continuous improvements in fuel economy.
  • Eco-driver training in environmentally sound driving techniques.
  • Modern, fuel and emissions efficient prime movers.
  • High productivity trailers.
  • Improving the environmental performance of tyres.
  • Advanced safety features to safeguard our drivers and other road users.

Our Results

Since 2008 Ron Finemore Transport have met the requirements of key government environmental programs.

By reporting our greenhouse gas emissions, energy production and consumption to the Clean Energy Regulator, the objectives of the reporting are to assist Commonwealth, State and Territory Government programs and activities, inform the Government and help meet Australia’s international reporting obligations.

Why choose us?

We take care of our people and take a great deal of pride in ensuring a safe and healthy work environment.
Safety Management System

Environmental policies, procedures and practices form part of our safety management system which is reviewed and audited by Comcare as part of our self-insurers accreditation. We continue to strengthen our focus on environmental issues.

New technologies

Regular contributions to industry collaborations such as the NSW Green Truck Partnership, where we assist in the evaluation of new technologies, and share information with peers regarding the improvement of environmental performance within the trucking industry.

Modern fleet

Introduction of Euro 5 (Volvo) and Euro 6 (Daimler) into our fleet (with Euro 6 being above current Australian standards), and constant research (OS tours 2016) into the latest equipment.

Continuous fleet improvement

Pioneering improvements in b-double and single trailer carrying capacity larger load sizes meaning higher trailer capacity utilisation, increasing our productivity and reducing our total truck movements, fuel consumption and emissions per year.

Fleet servicing

Our vehicles are regularly serviced to minimise their impact on the environment.

Liquid monitoring

We monitor liquid consumption daily to keep usage at a minimum.

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