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With the fleet profile now consisting of 280 prime movers and 550 trailers, RFT continues to invest in modernising our heavy vehicle fleet.

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We maintain an impressive average prime mover age of 2.2 years.
Performance-based standards

RFT continues to unlock productivity within our trailer fleet year on year by working closely with industry leading trailer manufacturer to become one of the largest uses of PBS (performance-based standards) in the country

With the recent implementation of nine Quad-Quad 30-meter super B combinations into our contracted shuttle operations and one 30 meter A Double Road train tanker, RFT continues to innovate and provide efficiencies for key customers. In addition, specification of technological advances in trailer EBS systems coupled with telemetry monitoring has set RFT at the forefront of trailing equipment safety and reliability.

Fuel consumption and reliability

Technological advances in drive train management and emissions reducing after treatment systems has allowed RFT to advance efficiencies in fuel consumption and reliability via the specification of automated predictive power train and topographical mapping systems.

A trio of emissions reducing devices, SCR (selective catalytic reduction) EGR (Exhaust Gas recycling) and DPF (Diesel particulate Filtration) combine, continue to reduce our Company’s carbon footprint.

Euro 6 technology

Modernising our prime mover fleet has enabled RFT to standardise Euro 6 technology across all makes and models taking advantage of key safety innovations such Active brake assist 5, advanced lane departure, active lane keeping assist and 5-star structural cab designs. All of which when coupled with RFT standardised in cab fatigue management systems ensures we deliver on our primary commitment, Safety.

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