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Technological improvements are at the heart of our R&D

We are continuously trying to improve and look at a range of technology initiatives across the business to help improve safety for our employees, our impact on the environment and the cost of doing business for our customers.


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We are committed to world’s best practice in driver and fleet safety and aim to make Australian roads safer for not only our drivers but for all road users.
Tablet technology training

We have partnered with Yarno, a workplace technology company, to create a learning and training platform that empowers our employees to perform their jobs safely. This mobile- first learning platform enables our drivers to identify safety and compliance gaps, communicate information quickly and embed safety knowledge.


We continue to integrate our Telematics system with our transport management system (TMS), providing driver’s real time information of jobs and our operations the opportunity to continue to streamline administrative functions.

Driver Safety System TM

Monash University Accident Research Centre, Seeing Machines and Ron Finemore Transport Services have developed intelligence that keeps truck drivers and road users safe through future driver monitoring technology.

The A$6.5 million Advanced Safe Truck Concept, an Australian Government Research Centre Project, aims to reduce fatal truck crashes by developing new vehicle technologies, achieved by studying driver behaviour and better understanding the impact of driver fatigue and distraction in particular.

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