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A commitment to managing energy consumption, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and minimising environmental impact is at the forefront of operations for Ron Finemore Transport, which is why we are consistently reviewing our policies and practices to keep up with remain at the forefront of the industry standards.

Not only do RFT aim to meet the industry standard, however. We strive to be industry leaders with regards to testing and evaluating new technologies, practices and management approaches to improve the efficiency of resources and environmental performance of heavy road transport vehicles.

RFT operate with the following framework in place to govern environmental excellence:

  • Continuous improvements in fuel economy,
  • Eco-driver training in environmentally sound driving techniques,
  • Clean alternative fuels,
  • High productivity vehicles,
  • Improving the environmental performance of tyres,
  • Reducing impact on the public road driving environment.

Each day, RFT is actively monitoring and managing fuel usage, to ensure fuel consumption is kept to a minimum. This philosophy is applied company-wide, in an effort to continually improve our environmental performance.

Throughout more than 50 years in the road transport industry, a trademark of Ron Finemore's success has been innovation in trailer design, which has brought about major gains in efficiency and productivity.

RFT consistently pioneers improvements in b-double and single trailer carrying capacity, and with larger load sizes - meaning fewer truck trips - we are able to complete a freight task with reduced fuel consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, safety risks and cost to the customer.

For half of the 50 million-plus kilometres our fleet travels annually, our vehicles use biodiesel B20 blended fuel, reducing RFT's carbon footprint by 10 percent.

RFT's commitment to the environment is external to the company also. We make regular contributions to industry collaborations such as the NSW Green Truck Partnership, where we assist in the evaluation of new technologies, and share information with peers regarding the improvement of environmental performance within the trucking industry.

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