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RFT Wins Baiada Contract

RFT Wins Baiada Contract

After many months of negotiation and discussions I am pleased to announce that RFT has entered into a contract with Baiada.  A new customer for our business.

Baiada, like RFT, is a family owned business.  Baiada Poultry Pty Limited is a privately owned Australian company which provides premium quality poultry products throughout Australia.  Their business operations include Broiler & Breeder Farms, Hatcheries, Processing Plants, Feedmilling and Protein Recovery.  Their products include sales of live poultry including breeding stock, poultry feed, fertile eggs, day old chickens, primary processed chicken (raw) and further processed chicken products, and pet food.

RFT has entered into a contract with Baiada to transport chilled and frozen poultry products.  This contract will require the purchase of some additional prime movers and refrigerated trailers.

RFT’s reputation for being a safe and reliable regional based carrier has been a key part in us winning this contract.  Baiada have strong growth plans based on the forecast increased consumption of chicken meat across Australia.  Demonstrating that we deliver to promise, are safe and reliable, and that we are a trusted partner, will position us to potentially expand our business with Baiada.

The contracted work fits within our business model of being a regional based carrier, safely and reliably operating a modern fleet at high levels of utilisation and efficiency.  It also provides further optimisation of some of our current fleet.

New work is hard to win.  The market remains competitive, customers are forever seeking lower prices and the need to be able to demonstrate innovation and enhanced productivity are now very much a given.

Investments in driver training (Smiths Training), new and modern fleet featuring the latest safety features and the DSS (driver safety system) also demonstrate to our current and potential customers that safety is a core value. These investments can only be made where we can show improvements in safety, reductions in costs and/or improvements in fleet reliability. This has been very much a selling point in winning this new work.

I look forward to the RFT team demonstrating to Baiada that they have selected the right partner and through safe and reliable service becoming their transport supplier of choice as they grow their business.

Mark Parry

Managing Director

Ron Finemore Transport Pty Ltd  

RFT invests in Research Project to Improve Driver Safety

Ron Finemore Transport is currently deploying the RFT DSS (Driver Safety System) from Seeing Machines. This technology provides a forward facing camera linked to an infrared driver facing camera.

Investing in our safer smarter future, RFT believes that this system will improve driver safety as well as the interface between our operations & customers, our teams and the community in general. Seeing Machines is a leading provider of this technology and the two organisations have agreed to participate in a research study that aims to identify how people control fatigue and distraction whilst at work in addition to the causes of fatigue and distraction in general. The aim of the project is to improve safety outcomes.

A CRC-P grant has recently been awarded to Seeing Machines, Monash University and RFT, as outlined in the press release below.



Senator for the ACT, Zed Seselja has welcomed the allocation of more than $20 million to fund a range of projects to develop a product, service or process that will solve problems for Australian industries.

Seeing Machines Limited in Braddon, ACT, will receive $2.25 million under the Cooperative Research Centre-Project (CRC-P) Programme. Their project will develop a world-leading driver monitoring product that will enable the freight industry to monitor and improve driver safety and wellbeing, in ways not currently possible. By using cutting edge technology and this grant funding, Seeing Machines is able to develop next generation systems to improve truck drivers’ safety by preventing accidents caused by driver fatigue and distraction. The Australian Transport Council estimates that 20-30% of fatal accidents on Australian roads are due to driver fatigue.

Ken Kroeger, CEO of Seeing Machines said

“growing from a small start-up to employing over 140 people globally; this funding allows us to work collaboratively with world-leading researchers from Monash University and our safety-focussed customer, Ron Finemore Transport to help Australian truck drivers get home to their families after every shift.”

“Canberra is home to many successful businesses and Seeing Machines in Braddon is just one example of an innovative business benefitting from our plan for jobs and growth,” Senator Seselja said. “The CRC Project stream will assist in encouraging and facilitating SME participation in
collaborative research, solving problems and delivering tangible outcomes for industry,” Senator Seselja said.

The Government has announced details of 11 successful projects from a range of industries which will share in a total of $22.6 million in funding.
Each collaboration involves at least two Australian industry entities and at least one Australian research entity. The organisations will work together to deliver the project. Improving collaboration between researchers and industry to cultivate a more innovative and entrepreneurial economy is a key pillar of the Government’s National Innovation and Science Agenda.

DIIS CRC Business AusGov Industry 100K

RFT Expands Woolworths Petrol Business

RFT was yesterday informed by Woolworths, of our success in securing additional work within our Liquids business.

As we understand it, the process was very competitive with a number of companies, both incumbents, and those trying to win new business, submitting offers.

RFT has not only retained all of its existing liquids Woolworths petrol business, but also won an expanded footprint and volumes within Victoria including, Melbourne Metropolitan and Northern Regional Victoria.

Mr Mark Parry, RFT Managing Director, has thanked the many people in the RFT team who have been involved in continuing to safely deliver to Woolworths during this tender process. Our customers know each and every day how we perform, whether we operate safely and how reliably we deliver against our promise. Yesterday's decision is a validation of our performance and Woolworths trust in our ability to provide safe and reliable service.

New Managing Director for RFT

Leading Australian road transport company Ron Finemore Transport (RFT) has announced the appointment of its new Managing Director, Mr. Mark Parry who will commence in his role in mid-February 2016. Mr. Parry brings a broad wealth of senior leadership experience to the position across a range of businesses including manufacturing, mining and construction services and more recently transport.

Ron Finemore Transport is a nationally recognised family controlled transport and distribution company with a turnover in excess of $140m pa operating over 200 modern vehicles employing over 500 people across a range of locations.

Mr. Parry succeeds outgoing Managing Director Laurie Brothers who has served as RFT’s Managing Director for the last 11 years (since the company was established).

“Laurie has successfully guided our growth and development, which has been particularly evident through turbulent times in our early years” said Ron Finemore AO, Executive RFT Board Chairman.

“This appointment of our new Managing Director is a key decision in our succession planning strategy and will help underpin the long term future of our company. It follows current MD Laurie Brothers decision to take on a new role in the company as Chief Fleet & Maintenance Officer as part of our succession planning strategy”. 

“I’m extremely excited about the prospect of working with the RFT team as the company continues to develop and prosper in the future” Mr Parry stated.

Mr Parry comes to the position clearly sharing RFT’s passion for safety and with a proven track record of leading and developing businesses and their people through engagement, communication, coaching and mentoring initiatives. These “people” attributes along with a passion for safety and delivering service reliability are key elements of the skills set the Board identified in the selection process in terms of RFT’s continuing evolution in its second decade of operation.

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