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In an exclusive interview with Channel 7 Border News

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In an exclusive interview with Channel 7 Border News, Ron Finemore, the visionary leader behind Ron Finemore Transport, is making driver safety a top priority. Ron recognizes the devastating impact accidents have and is committed to ensuring the well-being of his drivers.

With a firm belief that accidents on our roads must be prevented, Ron Finemore is actively seeking the relevant State Authorities to share crucial data that could help avoid accidents involving road vehicles. He is now collaborating with the Australian Automobile Association, and their joint efforts are aimed at publishing comprehensive road safety and accident data to empower informed policy decisions.

At Ron Finemore Transport, driver safety is not just a goal—it’s paramount. In this interview, discover what Ron has to say as he appeals to the government for data sharing that will improve road safety. Join us in supporting Ron’s endorsement of the Australian Automobile Association’s “Data Saves Lives” campaign, an endeavour focused on the exchange of essential data pertaining to accidents and road conditions to create safer roads for all.

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