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Next Generation B-Double

next generation b double

Trials of the new High Productivity B-Double trailers have been completed with a range of customers across the Ron Finemore Transport Network. Testing has now been completed on brakes, EBS functionality, all electrics and most importantly manoeuvrability trials in/out of the bays at DC’s and various customer sites and importantly road trials.

Coupled to the latest technology Euro prime-movers the new MaxiTrans 30m long B-Double is set to provide increased productivity for our customers says Mark Parry MD of Ron Finemore Transport. ‘The Next Gen B-Double will have the capacity to handle several additional pallets meaning that for every 5 loads, the Next Gen B-Double will replace 1 fully loaded B-Double High Cube trailer reducing road congestion whilst reducing our carbon footprint and our interactions in and around vendor sites and DC’s.

The Next Generation B-Double is 4m longer than the existing B-Doubles, increases the available cubic space by approximately 17%, has 3 steer axles making the turning circle equal to or better than the existing trailers and due to the number of axles sharing the load, is easier on the existing road surface reducing impact and wear on the road surface.

The Next Generation B-Double will initially operate on the Melbourne to Brisbane corridor.

Ron Finemore Transport, continues to invest in the latest equipment whilst remaining committed to our Customers, our People, Safety, Cost Effectiveness the Environment and Regional Australia.

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